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Healthy Kids are our Future


Viridian Nutrition and Oliver McCabe are helping get kids in the kitchen to eat healthy food.

The launch of Kids Kitchen Takeover written by Wholefood Chef Oliver McCabe sets out to get kids into the kitchen, learning about food, exploring how to cook for themselves, having fun and building their confidence.

Part of a nationwide campaign, including a cookery tour which will take place in independent health food stores across the country, this campaign aims to help children and young adults learn good lifestyle and eating habits, develop cooking as a life skill and understand how food choices can affect everyday lives and their future.

Ultra-processed food makes up more than half of the average UK diet, with the highest consumption seen in children. British children have the highest levels of ultra-processed food than anywhere in Europe i with under 14s getting an average of 67% of their daily energy intake from UPFs.ii 50% of our shopping baskets now consist of ultra-processed foods.

We also know from a mounting body of research that this has been linked to serious health complications, particularly long-term health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline.3 The pressure is growing for the government to make changes but the real change will come from education and knowledge, helping kids understand why healthy food choices matter.

Oliver McCabe explains: “Our Western diet and reliance on ultra-processed foods has led to a whole host of health conditions and the highest levels of obesity. If we can get kids in the kitchen, engaging with fresh food, learning and having fun in the process, this will help them form a good relationship with food and empower them to choose healthy options. The perception is that healthy is boring or not tasty but this really isn’t the case – veggies and whole foods are full of super power and super taste.”

The campaign is being led by Viridian Nutrition, an ethical supplement brand who want to raise awareness of how independent health stores can help address the dietary issues young people are facing. Cheryl Thallon, the Founder of Viridian, says: “Health Food Stores are at the heart of our communities, right there on our local high streets with a wealth of knowledge and are accessible. By providing resources, information, and chefs such as Oliver, we can create change to help children and young adults learn more about lifestyle, eating habits, and how the food choices they make can affect their own lives and their future.”

The ‘Kids’ Kitchen Takeover Cookbook’ is packed with 35+ delicious and simple, budget friendly menu ideas for the whole family. This fun cookbook encourages kids from 5 to 15 to embrace wholesome and nourishing food and to share them with their families. At the same time, this recipe collection equips the younger generation with essential life skills.

With easy to follow, step-by-step picture guides and child-friendly nutritional information, children can have a go at making Easy-Breezy Pancakes, Oatylicious Bread, Sundried Tomato Falafel, Vegtastic Pizza and more!

Kids’ nourishment and wellbeing, along with ensuring easy access to wholesome quality ingredients for all, is one of Oliver’s passions. Oliver says:, “Food and lifestyle habits have a big part to play in our immediate and distant future. Making bad choices repeatedly over time often leads to illness, low energy, and low mood.

We know that even a few days of eating junk food makes us feel sluggish, but also that the reverse is true – eat well for a week, and you start to feel fabulous! Making good food and lifestyle decisions can make the world of difference.

“It’s all about having fun in the kitchen, eating well, and sharing food with your friends and family. Let your kids takeover the kitchen for a day or two each week, have some fun, enjoy putting your own twist on the recipes and gift them a lifetime of good health.” says Oliver.

Kids’ Kitchen Takeover, is a must for all families who want their kids to grow into super-healthy adults. Simply put, the foundations of good long-term health can be found in the kitchen!

Kids’ Kitchen Takeover launches on the 18th August at £20 / €23 and will be available through independent health stores. Find your nearest store at:

The Kids Kitchen Takeover National Tour will be in independent health stores across the country through August, September and October.


About the Author

Oliver McCabe grew up in a corner greengrocer shop owned by his parents and over time evolved it into a thriving independent health store. He has worked in the independent health and wellness sector for over 20 years as a wholefood chef and a nutritional therapist, often presenting nutritional food demos in schools and colleges. Oliver learnt so much by watching his Mum cook in the kitchen, the heart of the home! Although the kitchen was tiny, his mum taught the whole family the basics of cooking from an early age so they had the tools and the knowledge of how to provide for themselves no matter what. Oliver has previously authored the bestselling cookbook ‘The Fuel Food Cookbook’.

Interviews with Oliver and images and recipes from the book are available upon request.

For further information, please contact the Viridian Press Office:

Mars Webb Mobile: 07717718063

Lei Chan, Viridian

Praise for the Kids’ Kitchen Takeover:
'Kids are our future! Inspiring children to take an interest in nutrition and deliciously tasting food is Oliver McCabe's mission in this excellent cookbook, essential for children, parents, and families.' World renowned Nutritionist & Author, Patrick Holford

'The scrumptiousness of Oliver's recipes for kids is unstoppable benefitting not only kids’ nourishment but also animals, human health and the earth.'
Author & Founder of Global Vegan & Animal Welfare Charity Animal Hero Kids, Susan Hargreaves aka Veganza

'This is Super Stuff! Oliver really knows the health food world and is a real health food ambassador.' Global Influencer, Chef & Author, Stephen Flynn co-founder of The Happy Pear

‘With the ultra-processed food industry determined to get another generation hooked on nutritionally depleted food, children’s health is under than threat more than at any time. Showing kids that it’s fun and easy to cook delicious, healthy meals and snacks with fresh, plant-based ingredients is a great way to equip them with the life skills to help them live healthier, happier lives. Oliver McCabe’s brilliant new book couldn’t be timelier. Sure to inspire little foodies everywhere, it’s the perfect addition for your kitchen bookshelf.'
Health Stores UK

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