100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Viridian supplements are formulated by qualified nutritionists with potencies based on human clinical research to ensure efficacy. However, if you purchase a supplement and are not 100% satisfied you may return the Viridian supplement and receive your money back.

The supplement may be opened and the bottle potentially finished. Given that many supplements take time to have an impact, you may need to take all the capsules/liquid/powder to start seeing the benefits.

If choosing to return a supplement, the following criteria applies:

  • Supplements must be returned to the retailer where they were purchased
  • A copy of the receipt will be required
  • Contact with the retailer must be made within 90 days of purchase
  • The bottle/packaging must be taken back to the retailer. If purchased online the retailer may require the product to be returned
  • Customers cannot claim for the same supplement more than once
  • The ‘money back’ may be provided as alternative supplements, vouchers, discounts on future products or to the original payment method at the discretion of the retailer.