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We Love Health Food Stores

Research increasingly reveals that many chronic health conditions can be improved or even avoided through simple lifestyle adjustments. Health Stores have always championed the importance of self-care in body and mind; the abundance of pure, health-giving ingredients that our planet provides - and the need to work in harmony with nature. 

Independent health stores understand that each person is not a single symptom and may seek support for a combination of needs including aches and pains, tricky tummies, sleep, fitness, stress management, mental well-being, nutrition ...  all the different things that add up to create ‘your health’. You can find staff who are qualified and/or experienced in helping with a wide range of health conditions including:

acne menopause
allergies men's health
children's health mouth ulcers
diet and nutrition PMS
digestion sleep disorders
energy and fatigue sports performance
hair, skin & nails urinary health
heart health weight management
joint mobility women's health
mood & much more


For the staff in Health Food Stores, their priority is to help people become as healthy as possible, by combining an extensive range of specialist skills, foods, products, therapies and services to create powerful tools for wellness. Don't be embarrassed to talk about any health concern, they've heard it all before - and helping is the reason they come to work! Health food stores come in all shapes and sizes, just like us - that's the beauty of independent shops, they are quirky, passionate and individual.

With thousands of different healthy products to choose from, they can be a one-stop shop for everything natural, ethical and environmental: if you’re concerned about whether there are nasty chemicals ‘behind the label’ on products you use, just ask for advice. The Health Store staff can introduce you to wholefoods, organics, raw foods, allergy-free foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, sports nutrition, essential fatty acids, cruelty-free bodycare,- and if you have specialist needs, they are specialists in helping you.

Health Food Stores are often a lifeline when looking for ways to run a planet-friendly home - doing their research, working with local suppliers, and forever seeking ways to reduce carbon footprints and support the local economy too. If you’re used to picking up a bit of Quorn in your local supermarket as your ‘veggie solution’, or that one single eco-friendly brand of household cleaner they hide on the top shelf, there is a whole world just waiting to be discovered at your nearest independent health store:

  • Bamboo and Rice products – from Bento Boxes to underwear!
  • Bodycare and toiletries that are kind to you and the planet
  • Eco-friendly household cleaners
  • Fairtrade, Palm Oil Free and Vegan-approved options
  • Free-from options for special dietary needs
  • Organic and locally sourced foods, fruits, vegetables
  • Recycled paper products and eco-friendly sanitary wear
  • Refills for everything from Cereal to Pasta
  • Vegetarian and vegan foods for the cupboard, chiller or freezer (sometimes even pet foods)


Choosing the right supplement programme for your personal needs can be confusing. Ask the helpful staff to take you through the vitamin maze at a health store near you, where trained and knowledgeable advisors are on hand to develop the ideal programme of nutritional supplements just for you.

If you have a particular health condition or concern, please first visit a health professional (a GP or a qualified practitioner) to ensure you have a correct diagnosis.

Often with chronic health conditions, the health food store will give excellent advice for dietary and lifestyle modifications, a supplement programme and possibly assistance from topical products.

Diet matters

There are more than 1,000 independent health stores across the UK and Ireland –  find them ready to help on the way to work, on the local high street and at the end of a phone. Get advice on lifestyle adjustments to support you into an active, healthy future - by taking good care of ourselves, we show how much we value our wonderful national health services. 

If you would like to learn more about amazing Health Food Stores all over the UK and Ireland, Follow Viridian Nutrition on Facebook and watch out for Health Store of the Week each Saturday.

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