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Did you know, as much as 57% of our diet is made up of ultra processed foods. These junk foods may often seem healthy and include daily staples like some bread and yoghurts. Eating ultra processed foods can affect our nutrient intake, inflammation levels and gut health.

Supplements can fill the gaps in our diet and help provide support but many vitamins contain artificial additives. These additives include fillers, binders, emulsifiers, flavours, colours and artificial preservatives. They’re included for commercial reasons - not health. Your body does not need them, they're junk.

Find out more about what to look for and why Viridian choose 100% active ingredients - no junk whatsoever.

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All of our supplements are 100% formulated by qualified nutritionists researching peer-reviewed studies for effectiveness.

Aimee Benbow

BSc (Hons), MSc, ANutr.

Aimee is Head Nutritionist and author of The Menopause Journal.

Corin Sadler

BSc (Hons), MBANT.

Corin is a Nutritional Therapist and currently studying to be a Medical Herbalist

Phil Beard

BSc (Hons), MSc,

Phil is a Speaker, Nutritionist and
Nutrition Trainer

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Viridian is an independent brand available exclusively from independent health stores. That's because we believe they can give you the best impartial advice.

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