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Health Store of the Week - Iechyd Da CF14 - Whitchurch

Store owner Alwen opened the store because she wanted to create a one-stop shop that people living in the area would benefit from. 🤗

Iechyd Da CF14

Alwen shares: "I've realised that we are more than just a shop, we are a community. Our customers are incredibly supportive and loyal. They want to help us develop, suggesting things not only for themselves but to give us ideas too. Listening to our customers is really important." ❤

What will you find on your visit?
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Refill wholefoods
  • Refill cleaning products
  • Natural skin care and beauty products
  • Aromatherapy
  • Eco-friendly homeware
  • Frozen and refrigerated foods
  • Wine refills
  • Nutritionist
  • Locally source produce
  • Deli

Alwen said: "Our staff are well informed, trained and that they can help with advice in terms of the vitamins and supplements. Viridian give us support and training with this."

Iechyd Da CF14 Refills

This eco-friendly health food stores name is incredibly clever… Iechyd Da; Iechyd in Welsh means health and Da means good. So, good health! Iechyd Da is also used as a way of saying cheers in Wales and CF14 is the local postcode. 👏

If you are in the Cardiff area pop in and shop this health stores extensive range of refills, supplements and gifts. Follow them on social media for their latest news and new products!

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