What’s A Multivitamin In The First Place?

Multivitamins contain a daily dose of essential micronutrients. However, we all have different needs, and not all products are alike. At Viridian, we create targeted supplements that contain 100% active ingredients - no junk whatsoever. Which multivitamin is right for you?

What On Earth Is In Your Supplement?

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Dig Deeper into the Effects of Ultra Processed Ingredients
Many ingredients in food and leading supplements are there for commercial reasons - not health. Your body does not need them. Opt for no junk.

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Learn about your health essentials with The Foundations of Nutrition, written by nutritionist Jenny Carson and foreword by Phil Beard. With the information in this book, you can be healthier, happier and better able to live the life you want.

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What Are The Impacts Of An Ultra Processed Diet?

As much as 57% of our diet is ultra processed foods. Growing evidence shows this is having an effect on our health, leading to long term conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression. These junk foods may often seem healthy and include daily staples like some bread and yoghurts.

Qualified Nutritionist Phil Beard explains the effects of ultra processed food on our nutrient intake, inflammation levels and gut health and offers 3 steps to combat the effects and support our overall health.

But Why Do I Need To Take a Multivitamin?

The Facts from Qualified Health Nutritionists

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There’s a Hole in Our Diets

Natural micronutrients have declined by 14-55% since the 1940s. We now have larger but less nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables.

Kind To Your Body, Kind To The World

Viridian is an Independent Family Business
We believe the interests that make a company are just as important as the ingredients that make a supplement. So when we say No Junk, we also mean no investor pressures, no shortcuts, no commercial fads, no animal testing, and absolutely no compromises to the health of our planet and to you. Our promise is simple we make supplements that are Effective, Ethical and Pure:


We make nutrients based on peer-reviewed studies and formulated by clinical nutritionists. Our supplements are evidenced to be effective at the right dose.


We make nutrients that care for your body as much as the planet they come from and, eventually, circle back to. We give to charity, support local, and do not use animal-tested ingredients.


We make nutrients free from anything that takes away from their positive impact. No nasties, no filler, no binders, no gimmicks. Only 100% active, potent and pure ingredients.

Need Independent Advice?

Visit an Independent Health Store For An Impartial Health Review
Independent health stores focus on providing friendly and impartial advice. Viridian only distributes through indies because it’s where you’ll get expert advice and a kind smile. Find your local and learn how you can keep well.

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The Viridian Dejunk Your Life Report

This independently written fully-referenced report combines insight and advice from 10 leading global experts on how to dejunk your life this year. 

Starting with unprocessing your diet, identifying ultra processed foods, avoiding junk and choosing the right supplements, the report also shares practical ways to simplify your digital life, clear the clutter from your home and work space, exercise well and edit your relationships for more connection.

The advice will help you maximise your time by doing less and provide tips to create good habits that stick.

Say no to junk!

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. If you have health concerns or are currently taking prescribed medication, please consult your GP.