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Viridian unites with charity in UK brain health tour

Photo caption: Health stores in the UK to host Viridian and Food for the Brain tour in May.

Ethical vitamin company Viridian Nutrition and charity the Food for the Brain Foundation have come together for a nutrition for better brain health campaign.

Food for the Brain, a not-for-profit organisation, focuses specifically on the prevention of cognitive impairment from ADHD to Alzheimer's by adopting optimum nutrition and lifestyle approaches. The charity’s founder Patrick Holford explains: "Alzheimer’s may be entirely preventable in those 99% who do not have the rare causative genes and act early to optimise all diet and lifestyle factors. Only 1% of Alzheimer is caused by genes.”

The charity’s partnership with Viridian will involve a series of awareness raising initiatives to highlight how diet and healthy habits can play a positive role in supporting brain and cognitive function, with health stores playing an active role. In May, a Viridian Upgrade Your Brain UK tour led by Patrick and supported by the ethical vitamin company will be held in conjunction with health stores across the country. . A leading nutrition expert, Patrick is also the author of the new book Upgrade Your Brain.

Each seminar will see Patrick share advice on how to approach mental health from childhood to the older generation, in particular cognitive impairment, and crucially why prevention is better than cure. A social media drive will also educate consumers on the key nutrients and lifestyle tips for brain health.

Commenting on the campaign, Patrick said: “There is a mental health breakdown with rising levels of ADHD, autism, depression and dementia. We know that less sugar and carbs, more omega-3, B vitamins and vitamin D and also more antioxidant rich foods massively reduces risk, as does an active physical, social and intellectual lifestyle. These are all relatively easy to change. The challenge, and the reason why we welcome working with Viridian through health food stores, is to motivate people of all ages to make diet and lifestyle changes at any age to protect their brain health both now and in the future.”

Aimee Benbow, Nutrition Director at Viridian, said: “Your brain health matters, no matter your age, therefore it’s essential to nourish your mind now – not just in later life. Nutritional deficiencies have been linked to conditions affecting brain health. The good news is there is significant evidence to show how nutrient intake and specific herbs can support good brain and cognitive function. Alongside this, it’s important to eat a balanced diet, adopt lifestyle changes or healthy habits, and to supplement to help fill nutritional gaps.”

Aimee added: “Both Viridian and Food for the Brain share the same synergy and principles in educating people because it’s important to enable them to make informed decisions about their own health. We are delighted to be working with Food for the Brain on this education tour. We believe that that health stores are the right places for the Upgrade Your Brain tours as they are in the heart of communities and champion positive lifestyles to promote wellbeing.”

Since 2006, Food for the Brain has supported over 1 million people via their on-line educational activities which includes a free Cognitive Function Test that works out both an individual’s future risk and what can be done to reduce it. The charity is currently researching how diet and lifestyle can reduce the risk of cognitive decline. This involves individuals taking part in a free online cognitive function test to assess their risk. Viridian is pleased to donate to the charity’s research, which shares the ethical company’s philosophy of no animal testing.

To find out more about the research or to take part in the test visit:

For your nearest Upgrade Your Brain Seminar:

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