Our Mission

To Nourish Health & Happiness In The Kindest Way

It All Started When We Asked: "What's Really Inside Health Supplements?"

The answer took us on a journey where we discovered up to 50% of some products contain fillers, binders, glues and other things that reduce the potency of supplements. It just felt wrong, so in 1999, we set off on a mission: to #digdeeper and make health supplements with a healthy attitude.
What began as 24 pure nutrients safe enough for our kids grew to over 250 specialist supplements. You can find them stocked exclusively by independent health stores worldwide.

Supplements that make a difference

Our Values

Effective | Ethical | Pure

Our supplements are kind to your body and kind to the world, every capsule, liquid and powder is Effective, Ethical, and Pure.

  • Effective: Health supplements need to work. Our nutritionists' study peer-reviewed human research to create optimal formulations.
  • Ethical: Heartfelt care for our planet, people and products sits at the core of everything we do. We don't make commercial compromises; certainly, none when it comes to animal testing, growing conditions, packaging and the impact on our local high street and communities.
  • Pure: If an ingredients is there, it's there for a reason. Our supplements contain 100% active ingredients in the highest natural potency with no fillers, binders, glues, irradiation or lubricants from mass production - nothing!  

Meet Our Lead Nutritionists

Our team of qualified nutritionists formulate every Viridian supplement based on peer reviewed human research and 130 quality checks.

Aimee Benbow

BSc (Hons), MSc, ANutr.

Aimee is Head Nutritionist and author of The Menopause Journal.

Corin Sadler

BSc (Hons), MBANT.

Corin is a Nutritional Therapist and currently studying to be a Medical Herbalist

Phil Beard

BSc (Hons), MSc,

Phil is a Speaker, Nutritionist and
Nutrition Trainer


Independently Owned

We're an independent family owned company, meaning no shareholders can tell us to put profit ahead of our ethical ethos. Our nutrients, stockists, customers and environment come first.

Founded by Cheryl Thallon back in 1999, Viridian is on a mission to make supplements with a lasting difference - a difference to your health, a difference to our planet and a difference to our communities.

Independence means we can stay true to our mission. We question everything: the efficacy of our formulas, where we source our ingredients, the ethics of our manufacturing, our energy footprint, the sustainability of our packaging
and our transparency with our customers. We’re driven by the desire to do things right.

Cheryl started the company looking for supplements she could consciously give her daughter. Now, Cheryl and Holly work together to nourish health and happiness in the kindest way.


Our 130 Point Promise

Our in-house team of qualified nutritionists review every supplier, every ingredient, and every label so that all our formulations meet our eithical criteria. 

It's a 130-point review process that ensures we hold ourselves accountable and go way above the standards. The checklist includes:

  • Formulation: Supplements that are based on peer-reviewed studies.
  • Ingredients: Sourced from the best climates for optimum potency.
  • Suppliers: We only partner with suppliers who meet our ethical criteria and use ingredients which are not animal tested.
  • Manufacturing: Made in the UK to GMP standards. Produced in small batches to avoid mass production machine lubricants.
  • Purity: 100% Traceable ingredients and no artificial additives whatsoever.
  • Packaging: 100% recyclable and protective. 
  • Compliance: We go above and beyond all requirements. A reference sample of every batch is kept for its complete shelf life.

Our Story

Doing Things Differently From Day One

Snippets of where we've made a difference in the last 20+ years and beyond.

1999, Day One
  • We recraft 24 of the most popular supplements and set new standards.
  • Pure and free from any additives. We get rolling with a 25p recycling rebate and charity program.
  • 100 UK and Irish independent health stores stock the full range immediately.
2002, Green To Go
  • We make an uncompromising commitment to purity, charity and the environment.
  • We start the transition to 100% green energy.
2004, Best In Class
  • We launch the world's first and award-winning children's Multivitamin and Omega oils with no additives.
2005, New Stands
  • Our tradeshows now use recycled/recyclable and circular materials like card.
  • We do not use fossil fuels, so there are no lights at our fair stands.
  • We adopt Soil Association standards for independent and transparent Organic certification.
2010, Giving Back
  • Our charity donations raise over £100,000.
  • Donations go to support animal-testing-free research groups and charities nominated by Independent Health Stores.
2011, Causing a Stir
  • We launch an advert that get's people talking about 'What on Earth is an Ethical Vitamin?'
  • It's a debate that goes viral on Twitter and brings to light what goes into our vitamins and supplements.
2015, Going for Gold
  • We launch the world's first award-winning sustainable and organic fish oil.
  • We support our local athletes by sponsoring the first Daventry Triathlon.
2017, Breaking News
  • The Good Shopping guides independently awards Viridian an Ethical Accreditation.
  • We expand our education tours of the UK with celebrated nutritionists Chris Kilham.
  • Viridian is featured on national TV and News - championing indie Health Store.
2019, Upping Gears
  • Our entire fleet of cars upgrade to hybrid.
  • We reduce 12 tonnes of glass from our packaging.
  • Viridian sells in 17 countries, and the UK Department for International Trade names Viridian an Export Champion.
2020, All Change
  • While the world goes on hold from Covid 19, we double down on our ethical values.
  • We updated our brand to help independent health stores communicate more effectively.
2021, Forever Indie
  • Viridian has always been independent to avoid compromises from shareholder interests.
  • The company remains private as it transitions from mother to daughter.
  • We've now raised over £500,000 in charity donations.
2023, Crowning Glory
  • Viridian is awarded in the first Kings Awards for Enterprise
  • Viridian achieves the highest AA grade in the BRC quality accreditation
  • Charity donations reach over £650,000